Revelation Majorettes

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About Us

Revelation Majorettes were formed in 2010 by Tina and her daughters Kiera and Phoebe.

Revelation Majorettes are proud members of the United Kingdom Federation of Majorettes (UKFM). The troupe competes in regional and national competitions. There are six regions and they are Hertfordshire; which is our area, London, Essex, Ipswich, Cambridgeshire and Kent. The competition season starts in September and ends April, with our National Championships that takes place at Camber Sands in Sussex.

Tina who is the troupe leader is a qualified U.K.F.M Judge so is one of our trainer's Kiera. Kiera and Phoebe are the trainers for Revelation Majorettes; they have experience from working with other troupes and both hold their baton grades up to Supreme 3 and are working towards their Supreme 4 grade, they also have their equipment grades as follows: Wheel, Ribbon, Poms, Flag and Mace 2 Grades working towards Mace 3 and Rifle grades.  Kiera and Phoebe are able to work with the team and help them progress through the U.K.F.M grades.

Revelation Majorettes currently have 25 members aged 3-24

We recruit girls and boys from the age of 3 years and up. We train once a week and have additional training in competition season. In the summer the whole team take part in carnivals and perform displays all over the country.

Golden Triangle Twirl Camp Florida

Our troupe trainers were offered a life changing experience in 2008; Kiera and Phoebe went to America and attended the Golden Triangle Twirl Camp, where they were trained by Cheryl Wimberly, Sean Wimberly, Lynann Patrick-Hudson, Karrissa Wimberly and many more.


From Hertfordshire four twirlers went out to the USA, these were Phoebe, Kiera and Sharna and Leanne. Kiera and Phoebe were sponsored by Dene Dental Surgery in Northwood and Sharna was sponsored by Hemel Hempstead town football club. Sharna, Phoebe and Kiera went to represent Hemel Hempstead and Saturn Supreme Majorettes, and Leanne went to represent Hemel Hempstead and Dacorum Majorettes.

After the twirl camp the 18 members of the UKFM had counted over 50 bruises between them where they had worked so hard. Miss Barbara who has run the golden triangle twirl camp for over 40 years, held a presentation at the end of the camp and the England twirlers came home with the most awards which were. Overall Twirlers which Cerys and Tina from Ipswich won and Star campers which Kiera, Phoebe, Sharna and Kelsey won.

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